Content Sample – Mercer

Infographic | American Academy of Actuaries

This printable and shareable infographic content helped the AAA quickly and concisely communicate continuing education requirements to their memberships, without the traditional confusion and mountains of documentation.

Infographic | Fuze

Energetic visual assets like this infographic are always powerful tools for engaging audiences and helping them take home important information.

Micro-Content | Visa

Created as part of a informational content program to help U.S. consumers adopt and better understand Visa’s new chip card technology.

Interactive Microsite Content | JLL Real Estate

This interactive microsite targeted an audience of tech entrepreneurs in NYC. The site was an educational asset that business owners could use to learn about the local commercial real estate market and make better decisions about their leasing options.

Site Content/Infographic | Cigna Health

This asset was designed to help Cigna’s remodeled Operating Effectiveness team effectively and efficiently communicate their mandate and capabilities throughout the rest of the organization.


Interactive Website Content | Castlight Health

This interactive site targeted a wide audience, with the intention of communicating the startling discrepancies in healthcare costs across the U.S. The interactive interface let users explore the data on their own and examine the scenarios that hit closest to home.


Microsite Content | Prudential

Prudential sought to create an informative and educational online asset that would help audiences understand some of the underlying psychologies that affected their financial planning. The site content presented an analysis of Prudential survey data, and worked to present the findings in an accessible and engaging way that would drive home the message for audiences.

Andrew Wright Content Sample VitaminT

Choice Hotels | Franchisee Intranet Site Content

Choice Hotels looked to create an internal microsite that would help better engage their internal franchisee audiences. The site needed to be designed for agility and mobility, and the content needed to speak the language of franchisees: concise, in plain language, and relevant.

choice hotels sampe

 Explainer Video | Plastiq

While consumers were quickly won over by Plastiq’s game-changing credit card payment capabilities, businesses receiving payments were not quite up to speed. This punchy animated explainer video made the learning and on-boarding process fun and as simple as the product itself. 


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