Content that explains highly technical or complex solutions in simple, compelling language.

Server-to-Server Education Infographic | AppNexus

INFOGRAPHIC - AppNexus -Server to Server header bidding




Content that takes a dry topic and makes it more fun, approachable, emotional.

 Steampunk Age of the Customer Infographic Series | Dun & Bradstreet

What is the riskiest or most ‘off the wall’ content you’ve created for a client.

Hybrid Cloud “Odyssey”  Series | DYN
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Who do you think does content marketing really well in B2B tech? (hint: don’t say Hubspot), what makes it great?

General Electric – GE Reports

They’ve got a lot to work with and have a broad audience, but GE has done a great job creating a dynamic publishing platform that provides interesting and engaging content.

ADOBE – Blogs
Adobe’s general blog, and then 99u and, are fantastic resources across a range of audiences and truly establish them as a leader within their niche.


If not included in the above examples, would love to see an integrated content campaign (vid + blog + other)

Revving the Revenue Engine Series |Dun & Bradstreet



Infographic [*Finalist 2017 Content Marketing Awards*]

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